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St Joseph Roman Catholic Church

St Joseph’s is a warm, friendly and active faith community offering a number of opportunities for parishioners of all ages to worship together and to contribute to parish life.  The Church was established in 1929 and over the years we have been blessed with many dedicated Priests, Religious Sisters and lay people that have helped to build the thriving community we have today.

The Church sits in an urban setting surrounded by well-tended gardens including a Calvary scene and a Grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes. In addition, we have a parish social centre on-site - home to the Pantomime group - complete with function room, meeting room and of course a well-stocked bar.

The Loreto centre is adjacent to the Church and is home to many parish groups including Scouts, Brownies and Mums & Tots.

Please take time out to look at our site and feel free to call into the church. The parish office is open each weekday from 9.30 am till 2.00 pm and the Church is open every day. We have the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8.30 am till 12 noon. We would love to see you. God Bless Fr. John

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About Fr Mark

father markI've been in the parish a year now, so my face and voice should be familiar to most of you. However, this last year has been a bit short on personal interaction opportunities, so it has been suggested that I write a short piece introducing myself.

I don't normally relish talking about myself (though there are other subjects on which I could talk for England!) but here goes.

When I tell people that I am a true scouser, born at the Liverpool Royal in 1960 and baptised at SFX (which is undoubtedly what Bow Bells are to a true Cockney!), they are often surprised. Professor Henry Higgins would quickly pick up the scouse in my voice, but it has become so mixed up with other accents in my years of wandering the earth that some people think I talk posh (posh people don't believe that!)

Yes, I am a bit of a nomad. After growing up in Knotty Ash, I studied for the priesthood at Upholland and in Rome. In my twenties, I decided to interrupt my studies and see something of life. After University at Oxford, I spent some years working for the civil service in London before heading back to seminary. My studies were completed in Germany and in Paris. I decided to stay in France, offered myself to a diocese which was in great need of priests, and in 1995 was ordained in the Cathedral at Auxerre, a lovely market town in the Burgundy region (did I tell you that I like wine?). Nowadays it's best known for its football team, but in the early middle ages it had a famous monastery known for its learning, and it is thought that St Patrick studied, and was possibly even ordained there.

After twelve years of ministry in the diocese, I asked for leave to study Orthodox Theology in Greece and spent six years between Athens and Kos's lovely island. I planned to return to France after that, but God had other plans. Personal and family reasons brought me back to England in 2013 and with the permission of the bishop of Sens-Auxerre I have since served in several parishes in St Helens, York, and East Yorkshire. But there's no place like home, and so in 2019, I approached Archbishop Malcolm to ask if I could serve in the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

So here I am. As many of you know, my arrival was delayed by a serious medical issue. But now I am fully recovered – only to be sheltering from Covid like so many others. But my meanderings have taught me one thing: to trust in God’s providence. So chin up everybody, we will get through this, and soon we’ll be able to get together again and get to know one another properly.

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Penketh Walking Day 1994
Norma Reading Marriage 27 May 1961 4
First Communion May 1994
1964 Archbishop Heenan Visit Copy
R Machin V M Burke 1958
Calvery Shrine
Archbishop Heenan  Visit 1964
Fr J Bibby 2004
First Communion May 1994 2
Fr Mallone Bus
1987 Tom Gates Ordained
First Communion 24 June 2000
Forty Years A Priest 1986
St Josephs Consecration 2004
1994 Monsignor J Buchard  UCM
1995 Walking Day
30th April 2004
First Communion 24062000
1994 Penketh Walking Day
27 May 1961
1991 Blessing Of Lourdes Grotto

Newspaper images courtesy of 'The Warrington Guardian'

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